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3 stage water filtration system for your healthy drinking water!

Aqua System (Table Top Type)

Aqua System (Table Top Type)


While most water supplies considered safe to drink, many people are unsatisfied by the quality of water out of their tap.

The chemicals used to make it safe for the public, including chlorine, impart an unpleasant taste, and unfiltered water runs the risk of being contaminated by sediments, heavy metals, chloramines, particulates of various sizes, organic cysts, pollutants like MTBE, and volatile organic compounds.

Many of these dissolved particles can cause turbidity-the cloudy appearance of water resulting from the swirling of contaminants in solution.

Water Quality Issue

Moolmang Aqua System(UWF-200T) can help you and your family avoid a number of frustrating issues with your drinking water, including bad taste, unpleasant appearance, and potentially harmful contaminants.

Your water may be affected by the following


A common characteristic of water from municipal systems is residual chlorine odor and taste, the unfortunate but necessary result of public drinking water treatment. While not considered harmful, being turned off by bad-tasting drinking water can make it difficult to stay properly hydrated.


The EPA regulates mercury in drinking water to protect public health. This heavy metal-found in natural deposits such as ores, and in electrical products such as dry-cell batteries, fluorescent light bulbs and switches-is a particular danger, as it may cause major health problem.


Like mercury, lead is a heavy metal that can be found in the water supply in varying amounts. It is carefully regulated by the EPA, which has stated that 2 percent of human exposure to lead is through drinking water. Lead can cause developmental delays in children and kidney failure in adults.


These chemicals, commonly called VOCs, are not acutely toxic, but have compounding long term health effects. Because the concentrations are usually low and the symptoms slow to develop, research into VOCs and their effects is difficult. One of the most common VOCs is formaldehyde.


MTBE is almost exclusively used as a fuel component that raises the oxygen content of fuel for gasoline engines, and a small amount in the water supply isn’t considered a major health risk. However, the EPA has indicated that available data supports the conclusion that MTBE is a potential human carcinogen at high doses.


Turbidity refers to fine particles and sediment in larger-grain particles-both of which may be sand, scale, rust, organic matter, or clay that has bypassed drinking water filtration systems. In addition to an objectionable, cloudy appearance, these substances may cause plugged piping or water treatment equipment fouled.


Encapsulated cryptosporidium, a parasite common to lakes and rivers, is the result of sewage and animal waste contaminating the water supply, and can cause gastrointestinal upset or even death in susceptible individuals.


This byproduct of the combination of ammonia and chlorine is used as a long-lasting disinfectant in the treatment of drinking water. While chloramines are considered to be safe for consumption as long as the levels do not exceed EPA regulatory standards, they can impart to water an unpleasant taste to the water.

Moolmang Aqua System(UWF-200T) is an innovative new water filter designed to efficiently extract particles, chemicals, organic matter and other contaminants that affect your water’s taste and pose risks to your health.

But, unlike many other filtration systems in the market, this system leaves intact the healthy minerals that enrich water naturally, offering you superior water for healthy hydration.

Also, Moolmang Aqua System(UWF-200T) that counter water purification system is designed to offer you and endless supply of healthy, great-tasting water. Equipped with two carbon block filters and one ultra filtration filter, this system reduces contaminants while simultaneously leaving intact healthy minerals to improve the quality and taste of the water. This system has quick change filter design make it a tremendous value and one of the easiest systems to use and maintain.

With its efficient three filter system, Moolmang Aqua System(UWF-2ooT) installs easily into your existing infrastructure and gives you a constant supply of water free of harmful and unpleasant particles and odors!

Lead reduction carbon block with a pre-filtration medium

Hollow fiber-type membranes(UF)

Chloramines reduction carbon block with a pre-filtration medium

Quick Change System

Easy to replace the filter cartridge by quick change system for convenient & hygienic!

Mood Lamp

Romantic blue mood lamp for water supplying!

Multi-plicate Pre Carbon Block (Exchange Period: 6 months)

Multi-plicate Pre Carbon Block Filter with pre-filtration medium removes impurities such as soil, sand, rust, organic compounds, odors and reduces lead.

UF Filter (Exchange Period: 12 months)

Ultrafiltration (UF) is a separation process using membranes with pore sizes in the range of 0.1 to 0.001 micron. Typically, UF membranes will remove high molecular-weight substances, colloidal materials, organic and inorganic polymeric molecules allowing only fresh water and dissolved minerals to pass through.

Multi-plicate Post Carbon Block (Exchange Period: 6 months)

Multi-plicate Post Carbon Block Filter with pre-filtration medium removes unpleasant odors, tastes and making it clean, colorless, odorless water and improve water taste.

Aqua System Specification
  Pre Carbon Block Filter UF Membrane Filter Post Carbon Block Filter
Function Remove polluted fine particles & chlorine Remove heavy metal, bacteria upto 0.1 micron Remove chloramine, odor
Material PP, Carbon Polysulfone Membrane PP, Carbon
Filter Type Nipple ¼” U or Quick Change Type
Change Type
Nipple ¼” U or Quick
Change Type
Nipple ¼” U or Quick
Change Type
Pore Size 5 micron 0.1 mircon 1 micron
Maximum Flow 1GPM(4LPM) 1GPM(4LPM) 1GPM(4LPM)
Maximum Pressure 70 PSI 70 PSI 70 PSI
Maximum Temperature 113°F (45°C) 113°F (45°C) 113°F (45°C)
Burst Pressure 500 PSI 500 PSI 500 PSI
Replacement Period Max. 6 months Max. 12 months Max. 6 months
Effective Filtration Capacity 300 Gallons(1,136 L) 2,000 Gallons(7,570 L) 300 Gallons(1,136 L)
Model No. UWF-200T
Size 131(W) x 336 (D) x 349 (H) mm
Weight 3.0 Kg
Color White, Silver, Blue
20 Ft Loading 1,000 PC
  • kotra
  • FDA
  • ISO 9001
  • NSF