The beginning of an new shower beauty





We invite you to the mysterious island of VITAISLAND which is full of Vitamins. You may experience the special skin moisturization of VITAPOLITAN citizen who are living with moist skin. It spreads to customer’s skin with their own special skin moisturizing solution. Their secret to skin moisturizing is use the water that treated by Vitamin, an IN-SHOWER product made up of natural ingredients from VITAISLAND.




‘The Basics Of Beauty Begin With A Shower’
The basics of beauty comes from the cleanliness with washing and the moisture retention of the skin. VITAISLAND SHOER BEAUTY is the solution that improve and maintains skin moisturization after showering and doesn’t neglect the basics, start with ‘WATER’ that you use when you showering and not just a shower anymore, want to be a shower as the basics of beauty.




The capital of VITAPOLITAN is the pride of VITAISLAND which is full of Vitamin, also it is the birthplace of SHOWR BEAUTY SOLUTION.

■ Korea’s first skin & hair care solution composed of showerhead and cosmetics!

Proved the improvement of skin moisturizing by Vitamin filter through clinical trial and create a mutual synergistic effect with cosmetics.

■ Maximize moisturizing effect with multi-Vitamin ingredients!

Vitamin E, C, B3, B5, and B6 make your skin moisturized and antioxidant.

■ Seven complex Hyaluronic acid components improve wrinkles and moisturize strongly!

High and low levels of Hyaluronic acid are used to moisturize the skin from the outside to the deep part of the skin.

■ Maintaining strong moisture with the natural moisturizing factor ‘AQUAXYL’ ingredient!

Strengthening the moisturizing by Xylitol and enable to promote moisturizing ability of other moisturizing ingredients.

■ Skin soothing, anti-inflammatory, and moisturizing effects with various plant derived natural ingredients!

Antioxidant and skin whitening effect with natural plants ingredients and herbal medicine ingredients.




1. VITAPOLITAN Vitamin Shower Head

■ Improve Skin Moisture Content
Confirmed the improvement of skin moisture content after 2 weeks used by a clinical trial (Face: 56%, Arm: 20%).

■ 3 Stage Filtration
Reduces residual chlorine, rust, dust, foreign matters and odor.

■ Ingredient
Vitamin C(Ascorbic Acid), PC, ABS, PP, Silicon, SUS, Ceramic

2. VITAPOLITAN Hair Shampoo

■ Soothing Scalp & Hair Protection
The rich & soft foam cleans the scalp, hair and Vitamin complex with excellent antioxidant effect helps scalp care, hair protection, leaving a fresh & clean feeling after use.

■ Ingredient / Capacity
Greenol(Natural Plants), Vitamin Complex(VC-E,C,B3,B5,B6), Hydrolyzed Natural Protein, etc.

480 ml

3. VITAPOLITAN Hair Conditioner

■ Soothing Scalp & Hair Protection
Abundant Vitamin ingredients take care of tired hair from the external environment and make it soft and shiny.

■ Ingredient / Capacity
Greenol(Natural Plants), Vitamin Complex(VC-E,C,B3,B5,B6), Hydrolyzed Natural Protein, etc.

480 ml


■ Skin Moisturizing & Soothing
The rich & soft foam washes away wastes from the skin and the rich Vitamin component helps to moisturize and nourish the skin, making it smooth and moist.

■ Ingredient / Capacity
Vitamin Complex(VC-E,C,B3,B5,B6), Hyaluronic Acid Compound, AQUAXYL, etc.

480 ml

5. VITAPOLITAN Body Conditioner

■ Nourish & Moisturize Skin
Relieves skin stress and gently relaxes the skin. It contains various Vitamins to nourish the skin and make it smooth.

■ Ingredient / Capacity
Vitamin Complex(VC-E,C,B3,B5,B6), Natural Plants Extract, AQUAXYL, etc.

480 ml


■ Skin Protection & Soothing
Abundant Vitamin ingredients not only provide moisture to the skin but also create firm skin and various moisturizing ingredients and Peptide complex ingredients revitalize the skin and make it elastic, healthy.

■ Ingredient / Capacity
Vitamin Complex(VC-E,C,B3,B5,B6), Herbal Medicine Ingredients, Peptide, etc.

200 ml


Wash Up! Put It On! Spray It!

  • Step 1

    Wet & wash your hair, body thoroughly with VITAPOLTAN Vitamin Shower Head.

  • Step 2

    After taking care of your hair with VITAPOLITAN Hair Care products, wash it with Vitamin Shower Head. VITAPOLITAN Hair Conditioner does not irritate your scalp even if it contact.

  • Step 3

    After taking care of your body with VITAPOLITAN Body Care products, wash it with Vitamin Shower Head. VITAPOLITAN Body Conditioner is an in-shower product, so you can put it on during shower and wash it with the shower head.

  • Step 4

    After shower with VITAPOLITAN products, use a VITAPOLITAN Mist to maintain and strengthen the moisture that is strongly applied to your body after showering or whenever you feel dry.

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